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Reseller Inquiry

We have different packages for your business needs. We have reseller starter packages wherein you purchase with a minimum quantity requirement to get the reseller rate or opt for dropshipping.


We recommend this for new sellers wherein there is no capital involved. Just post on your wall or whatever platform you have then us being your supplier will directly deliver the goods to your buyer (through shipping only). We will take care of your profit and directly deposit them to your bank account or payment options. Hassle-free!

** The rates of the goods for dropshipping is below the SRP but higher than the reseller rate (wherein a minimum qty is a requirement).


When you resell, you need to meet a minimum amount (2,500 up) or required quantity (5-10pcs to begin with for most brands) to avail the reseller rate. Most buyers prefer on hand items especially if they are just around your area. We recommend this to those who are fearless and go-getters to start a business.

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